Ballistic personality Pat McNamara — AKA Pat Mac — is about as innovative as it gets when it comes to tactical training. His drills are exhausting to watch, yet he performs them in almost effortless fashion time and time again.

Most recently, Mac ran out 50 yards and took 10 shots using a Bravo Company Manufacturing rifle. Worth noting, he took those shots from atop a Conex box after climbing it.

Then, Mac “boogied” back and fired nine more shots from alternating distances — all approximately 15 yards out — using his custom Blaze Ops 1911.

Another note: Mac doesn’t miss.

Regarding the Blaze Ops 1911, Mac partnered with Carolina Arms Group for the project. Production on the pistol will run to 25. The pistol is “essentially a replica of the 1911 McNamara used while serving in USASOC.”

Watch Mac in action in the video above.For more on Pat Mac’s training programs, please visit

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