Palmetto State Armory is a “fan favorite,” and for good reason. As far as customer satisfaction goes, very few rival the company. Why? Because of its 100-percent lifetime warranty? Yeah, that’s a start. But also because the company listens to its customers, like in the case of the Palmetto State Armory AK-V Re-Release.

The Palmetto State Armory AK-V Re-Release

PSA actually announced the re-release of the AK-V AK Pistol back in March. Why? There were issues with the original AK-V. No, that’s not something you want to hear about any firearm. However, acknowledging those issues and making a better product, with free fixes and upgrades to those affected — and even those who weren’t — should silence most concerns.

So what did PSA change? The video above goes into full detail, but here are a few bullet points. Firstly, some bolts designed for the original models didn’t match PSA’s specs. Unfortunately, several of them still managed to go into the guns and out for sale. That didn’t happen with the new versions.

Beyond that, PSA also flared the dust cover so there’s no over-travel on the safety and added a recoil block to prevent over-travel on the bolt. Then there’s the “MAC Bracket,” which PSA added to prevent an extraction issue that Military Arms Channel showed he was having on his YouTube page. The specific issue saw brass falling rearward into the fire control group.

There are several other upgrades that Palmetto State integrated into re-released AK-V. Watch the video above to learn more.

Release Date

In summary, if you have an original AK-V that suffers from any of the errors mentioned, like the non-spec bolts, PSA will fix those errors free of charge. If you have an original AK-V that doesn’t suffer from any of the errors mentioned and just want to upgrade yours, PSA will still do that free of charge. That’s what we call a “win-win.”

Right now, all AK-Vs are sold out on the PSA website. We also haven’t received world on MSRP of the re-release. However, MSRP on the original varied from $699 to $799. Keep your eyes peeled and for more information, please visit

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