Imagine being an experienced hunter intimately familiar with conditions in the Appalachian Mountains or Carolina swamp. Typically, 300-yard shots are considered long. Now you have an opportunity to hunt out west in Montana where distances can be much greater. They don’t call it Big Sky Country for nothing. No matter how many deer or other animals you’ve harvested, a Rocky Mountain elk or Texas whitetail will most likely surpass prior experiences in terms of engagement distances. The Outdoor Solutions Long Range Shooting Schools in Utah, Texas and Michigan cater to hunters for just this circumstance.

What Is Outdoor Solutions?

Working in the hunting and fishing destination industry since 2003, the Outdoor Solutions team understands what it takes to put together successful hunting and fishing adventures. Any destination booked with them has been thoroughly vetted by their team. A bursting card catalogue of outfitters is not Outdoor Solutions’ goal. Guides that have stood the test of time in successfully taking care of their clients is more of what Outdoor Solutions is looking for. They will not book you to a destination just for the sake of sending you. if Outdoor Solutions does not have an ideal match for you, they will defer until they do.

Greg Ray, the company’s founder and co-owner, quickly realized another service could benefit his clients: Honing long-range shooting skills. Guided hunts are not inexpensive affairs either in money or time commitment. Some adventures are once-in-a-lifetime affairs. Why not invest in training to increase skill and set realistic limitations before the adrenaline dump hits when a trophy steps out two ridges over? That’s where my journey begins.

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