The Nighthawk Custom Pandora's Box 1911.

Nighthawk Custom pistols comprise true defensive works of art. Built to carry, perform and last for generations, Nighthawks sit atop the mountain for the 1911 form. But when the folks at Nighthawk decide to go extra, well, it defies all imagination. The latest example comes via the Nighthawk Custom Pandora’s Box, a remarkable pistol that amazingly chronicles the plague years that is the Coronavirus Pandemic.

Nighthawk Custom Pandora’s Box 1911

This ornate, finely finished and bejeweled take on the Government Model is a genuine one-of-one creation. Hand-engraved by a German gold and silversmith master engraver, it evokes high-end masterpieces of old. It features a mix of deep 3D relief mixed with the finest Italian Bulino-style engraving. The engraving alone took more than three months to execute, according to Nighthawk.

The pistol marks in history the COVID-19 pandemic of 2020-2021. It tells the story through the lens of Greek mythology, when Pandora opened the box, unleashing evil upon mankind. Through Pandora, we see the coronavirus spread across the land.

Marked with serial number NCP33947, the scene shows Pandora opening the box in China. From there, the virus sweeps across the continent, spreading fear and death. The piece uses 24K gold inlays to make the up the continents and countries. Skulls and Pandora come via .999 silver. The virus casts a red enamel finish across the scene. It’s a truly breathtaking work of art.

The Nighthawk Custom Pandora's Box 1911 includes an incredible presentation box.

The gun comes complete with a solid cherry display box, featuring exposed metal panels. The handmade presentation box takes its inspiration from a model titled, “Hell Consuming Man.”

When you hear one-of-one, this pistol is truly it. And as such, the craftsmanship, the execution of idea, the story it conveys, well it will command a premium price. So hold your breath: official price not released just yet, but it’s gonna be a doozie. And while there were some early rumors on a famous buyer, as of now, she’s still available. But this one truly stands apart, and even at a price likely bordering on the absurd, we have a feeling it will find a home soon. For even more info, please visit

The Pandora's Box 1911 chronicles the Covid-19 pandemic.

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