Nighthawk Custom is one of those names we always get excited hearing. Its guns are synonymous with excellence—we know because we’ve shot plenty of them. We got our hands on the Nighthawk President and also the Nighthawk Firehawk at the 2018 Athlon Outdoors Rendezvous. At the 2020 event, we got our hands on the Nighthawk Counselor.

Nighthawk Counselor Comes Concealable

The 9mm Counselor actually released in 2019. It immediately stands out from the rest of the Nighthawk pack, and that’s not easy to do. It’s the smallest, the lightest, and also the thinnest 1911 Nighthawk has ever released. It doesn’t take more than a once-over to realize that’s true. The pistol is just 7 inches in overall length, with a width of 1.10 inches and a height of 5.12 inches.

While Nighthawk trimmed in size, it didn’t trim in performance. The very concealable Counselor lives up to the brand’s name. With an MSRP of $3,899, it’s not an impulse buy, but, again, the performance justifies the price tag. It’s like we’ve said before, don’t complain about price—not all firearms are created equal. You can’t have a Ferrari for the price of a Ford Pinto; that’s just not the way it works.

Again, we were lucky enough to take the Counselor for a spin at the 2020 Athlon Outdoors Rendezvous. Watch the video above for some time on the range with the pistol and Nighthawk owner Mark Stone. For even more info, please visit

Nighthawk Counselor Specs

  • Frame Size: Officer
  • Caliber: 9mm
  • Light Rail: No Rail
  • Safety: Single
  • Overall Height: 5.12 inches
  • Overall Length: 7.01 inches
  • Slide Width: 0.92 inches
  • Overall Width: 1.10 inches
  • Grip Thickness: Thin
  • Empty Weight: 27.9 ounces
  • Sight Radius: 5.14 inches
  • Barrel Length: 3.5 inches
  • Magazine Capacity: 8
  • Rear Sight: Heine Slant Pro Night Sight
  • Front Sight: Tritium
  • Finish: Anodize, Nitride, and Black Cerakote
  • MSRP: $3,899

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