For some of us, our love of guns started at a very young age. The first time we got our hands on a Nerf blaster it was love at first dart. Eventually that love evolved from Nerf to the Sig Sauers and HKs of the world. However, with the new Nerf guns available in fall 2018, it might be time to return to our roots.

The New Nerf Guns of Today

The original Nerf “blasters” were pretty basic. They included dart- and ball-launching guns with a fairly limited range and low capacities. They were fun for what they were. In the year 2018, however, Nerf has stepped its game up in a big way.

The new Nerf guns, available fall 2018, include 30-dart removable drums, bipods and low-light illuminators. There’s even a gun that holds 200 rounds and fires eight rounds per second.

These guns have gotten so advanced and tactically based, they’re almost meant for the pages of Ballistic or Ballistic Precision. Kidding, kind of.

Take a look at the upcoming Nerf lineup with details and specs in the gallery above. It’s pretty wild how far Nerf has come over the years. For even more info, please visit

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