Like every year, the New Year brings with it new guns. Manufacturers ramp up prior to SHOT Show by unveiling their latest and greatest. Last week began that phase of the year and Mossberg made the biggest splash yet, releasing its first handgun in 100 years last week in the all-new MC1sc. Our brethren over at Personal Defense World were first to break news on the new MC1sc. Excellent work, friends.

The subcompact MC1sc is a polymer, striker-fired pistol. Mossberg chambered the new pistol in 9mm and released five variations. It comes with both six-round flush and seven-round extended magazines.

Initial shooting and testing left our contributor Fred Mastison impressed. However, just the announcement of the gun stirred up the social media community in a plethora of different directions. Most responses were positive, with a lot of interest in the MC1sc just because it’s from Mossberg — pretty much what we expected. But there was “that” group on the Internet that felt it knew better about the gun without any actual testing or range time and had to let its opinion be known.

Now, this isn’t anything new. We deal with ridiculous commentary for just about every new release that hits the market. But we felt the need to address what we saw regarding the MC1sc. And this isn’t a plug for Mossberg; this is more of a critique of the keyboard commando culture. Everyone on the Internet has an opinion and they think that opinion is always correct. Spoiler alert: It isn’t. Not everyone agrees with you and some of your opinions best be kept in that brain of yours so they can spoil and go away forever.

Here’s a look at some of the things we’re talking about.

The Mossberg MC1sc Looks Like …

Apparently “every handgun ever made, ever.” Seriously, we saw readers list about three dozen different handguns and the MC1sc looks like all of them. Here’s a roundup of what we saw, but we left out about another 200 comments.

  • “Oh look, it’s a bootleg S&W Sheild.” (Guess nobody ever taught this guy “‘I’ before ‘E’ except after ‘C.'”)
  • “Looks like a M&P Shield had a baby with a Springfield XD.”
  • “If a Shield and a Taurus G2C had a baby.”
  • “Made by Taurus?”
  • “Looks like a knock-off Glock.”
  • “Profile sure looks like a G43.”
  • “Looks like a cross between a Glock and a P365.”
  • “It looks like a Ruger SR9.”
  • “Looks like a mix between a Walter and a Ruger.” (We left “Walter” as is because it made us laugh. We realize it’s “Walther,” but we like to picture “Walter” as an 80-year-old curmudgeon who makes handguns in his basement while his wife berates him for not taking out the trash again.)
  • “Walther is going to sue someone.”
  • “Looks like a Kahr.”
  • “Looks to me a lot like the Honor Guard pistol that was out a few years ago.”

Did we miss any? Wow. We get it. Everyone seems to think the Mossberg MC1sc looks like every handgun in existence. Yeah, it’s supposed to look like a handgun — that’s what it is. And then, when some random manufacturer goes and reinvents the wheel with a new handgun design that doesn’t look like anything we’ve seen before, these are first people to yell, “Gimmick! This thing looks ridiculous!”

Who cares what the MC1sc looks like? How about focusing on how it shoots? And so far the reviews have been stellar.

The Whole “Caliber” Debate

We’re not going to get into ballistics and caliber performance. The 9mm vs. .45 debate will never end — that much we can all agree on. But to dismiss a handgun based on the fact that it’s 9mm in this day and age — you know, technology and stuff — is ridiculous. Say it with us, folks: “Shot placement is key.” Anyway, here are a few reader comments that forced an eye roll after reading them.

  • “Maybe they should have made it in a better caliber, like a .45. 9mm is just as worthless as the .380 and .38. Bounce em off a windshield or just piss off the druggy that you just shot four times in a row and he’s still coming.”
  • “Had me interested until I saw 6 rounds of 9mm …”
  • “Still a pissant 9mm in an even shorter barrel that cuts down even more that rounds performance.”


Mossberg will always be known for its shotguns and rifles, the performance of which is inarguably fantastic. One reader — literally one — didn’t seem to think so.

  • “So now Mossberg can suck at handguns in addition to shotguns and rifles too?”

This was the one comment where we drew the line. Not sure what Mossberg shotguns and rifles this person has previously fired, but we love both options, as does just about every other shooter we’ve ever spoken. Rare is the beast who fires a Mossberg 500 or 590 series shotgun and says, “Thing sucks.” Meanwhile, Mossberg’s rifles — specifically that sexy MVP Precision bolt-action — are just as reliable; our bros at would agree.

Sure enough, there are readers who get it, like the one who simply wrote of the MC1sc: “If they it’s reliable as their shotguns then I’d buy it.”

Give It a Shot First

Bottom line: Before rendering a verdict on a gun that literally none of you have fired, might want to put it through a test run first. If you run it and have issues with performance or mechanics, that’s a different story. However, as is the case with much of life, you don’t know until you try it.

As we said above, there are readers who get it when it not only comes to the MC1sc, but keyboard commandos in general. “Look at all the small arms experts! I think I will actually handle one before I pass judgement on a company I know and respect.” — Well said.

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