Any mention of the phrase “Mortal Kombat” instantly gets most male adults shaking uncontrollably with nostalgia. The video game franchise transformed the ’90s into a literal bloody mess. The first movie hit theaters in 1995. Meanwhile, the video game franchise continues today with absurd graphics and even bloodier fatalities. And today we got a look at the first trailer for the brand-new, R-rated “Mortal Kombat” movie for 2021. It even included an appearance from our friends at KelTec and EOTech.

Guns & Gore in the New Mortal Kombat Trailer

We normally keep tabs on guns in new trailers. The recent trailer for Bob Odenkirk’s upcoming John Wick-like movie “Nobody” featured plenty of goodies. With the new Mortal Kombat trailer, there certainly aren’t as many guns, but it’s still worth covering for nostalgia purposes alone.

The video game series features a number of special forces-type character who employ a variety of guns, bombs, helicopters, and even armed drones (see video below); that’s kind of what we were hoping for with the new trailer. However, only one gun makes an appearance.

Early in the trailer, Jax—one of the aforementioned special forces-type characters—wields what appears to be a KelTec KSG. We’re pretty sure you’re all familiar with the KSG at this point, but just in case, here’s a quick run-through.

The Kel-Tec KSG

The KSG is a bullpup-style 12-gauge pump-action shotgun. It also features two magazine tubes that the user can switch between manually. So, like most of what comes from KelTec—like the new P50—it’s a different breed of innovation.

Another in their line of Bullpup shotguns, the dual tubes feature a selector switch, for fast reloading. Compared to other tactical shotguns on the market, the 26.1-inch overall length of the KSG is a short barrel shotgun.

The KSG has two tube magazines for additional capacity. Accordingly, the dual tubes provide a magazine capacity of 7+7, 2 3/4 -inch mini shells.

Also, on top of that KSG is a picatinny rail carrying what appears to be the ever-popular EOTech 512 Holographic Weapon Sight. It’s a CQB, tactical situation, so sure—it works. The gun doesn’t last very long as, upon firing, bad guy Sub-Zero freezes the muzzle and then proceeds to shatter Jax’s arms into 1,000 pieces.

This brings us to the next point of why we’re excited for this one. Aside growing up playing the game, it looks like we’re finally getting the R-rated brutality the game deserves on screen. The new Mortal Kombat trailer might look cheesy to some, but it’s certainly an upgrade from 1995. And hopefully there’s more gunplay from characters like Jax and Sonya Blade throughout—like this …

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