Morgan, a company claiming a long history in trialling, just announced the release of an all-new off-road machine. The Morgan Plus Four CX-T blends the company’s spirit of adventure, history and performance into a platform like no other.

Morgan Plus Four CX-T

“The project was unrestrained and born entirely from a desire to create an exciting British adventure vehicle,” says Jonathan Wells, Morgan’s Head of Design. “For me, it’s a complete package: historical integrity, legitimate capability, and a brand-new adventure-lead aesthetic.”

Morgan partnered with off-road specialists Rally Raid UK on the project. The design seeks to conquer nearly any terrain. The vehicle borrows from the CX-Generation of bonded aluminum platforms. The same system underpins both Morgan’s Plus Four and Plus Six models. The company builds each vehicle in its Malvern, Worcestershire factory. Then final prep and setup occurs at Rally Raid UK.

The Plus Four CX-T features a host of modifications and upgrades. Mods include EXE-TC coilover assemblies, Plus Six suspension arms, bespoke bushes, and off-road tires. It includes a driver-over obstacle clearance of 230mm. Meanwhile, a three-mode locking differential maximizes traction, according to Morgan.

A rear equipment rack, incorporating a protective exoskeleton, houses storage solutions. It adapts to haul an assortment of bikes, surf boards and more.

Loaded With Performance Features

“Applying my experience of 13 Dakar Rallies, 60 Dakar vehicle builds and a lifetime of overland adventuring to an unconventional sports car such as a Morgan has been an interesting and rewarding project,” added Rally Raid UK’s Mike Jones. “Rally Raid UK and Morgan have engaged with industry-leading suppliers to source the highest quality components, as well as designing a range of bespoke parts that will remain unique to the model. The Morgan Plus Four CX-T is a genuine overland adventure vehicle and I look forward to seeing the incredible destinations that owners will find themselves in.”

Tempted? Well, you better come correct. Morgan will only build eight of these awesome off-road vehicles. And you had better bring your wallet as well. Priced at around 170K pounds, that converts to somewhere around $235K in American dollars. Yee-Haw! For even more info, please visit

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