How do you approach non-government no guns allowed signs?

You are heading downtown and walk up to a small coffee shop. It has a sign posted on the door exclaiming: “No GUNS.” You are carrying concealed and will not have another opportunity to get coffee if you don’t stop here. What do you do?

How to Approach No Guns Allowed Signs

Of all of our Mister Manners columns, this scenario is the one that all gun owners face. The anti-gun community is active and blatant about their irrational disdain for firearms. One of the ways they signal this is by telling customers that they will not allow firearms in their establishments. They do this regardless of the fact that those legally carrying are no danger to them or their customers. Once again, it is irrational fear of a scary object.

To the point, however, I must first say this. I will not encourage you to break the law. As responsible members of the 2A community we have to set an exceptional example of how to be a law abiding citizen. Much to the frustration of the left though, a sign posted on a door is not a law. It is a private company policy and nothing more. My personal beliefs are simple. I carry concealed and I do it well. I make sure I am not printing and there is no chance of my gun being exposed. With that as my standard, I carry everywhere in the civilian world. Restaurants, stores and any retail setting. It is not an act of bravado or arrogance, but rather preparedness.

Gun Free Zones Create Targets

Bad things happen in gun free zones, and I have no intention of being a victim because some store decided all guns are bad. This is a personal decision and once again, I am not telling you what you should do. This is a personal decision. If somehow your gun is discovered they may ask you to leave the premises. At that point you should absolutely leave. It is their right to refuse service and they are legally allowed to do it. Arguing with them or trying to prove a point will generally end up with law enforcement involved and that will not end well. You could be charged with trespassing or worse. A less delicate way to put it is, don’t be a jackass.

We carry because of the security that it brings us. We all understand the dark underside of humanity and the potential for violence. Once you truly understand that, it is difficult to not carry everyday and everywhere. If you do it right, nobody will ever know and you will maintain your ability to defend yourself and loved ones. The choice is yours and is one you need to give some thought to. If you commit to an “everywhere” mentality, then make sure your concealed carry skills are strong and that you understand what you are doing. In the end, stay safe!

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