Mister Manners weekly column will explore controversial topics and how to react.

Mister Manners is a bi-weekly blog post based upon situational examples, ranging from uncomfortable and awkward to potentially volatile and dangerous public encounters. We will explain the encounter and then encourage our readers to offer their suggestions for ways to respond. Following that, our resident expert–Fred Mastison–will weigh in and offer his views on the situation while incorporating the reader’s feedback. While a very serious topic, the post will maintain a light-hearted and humorous tone expected by the Ballistic audience.

Mister Manners Brings 2A-Themed, Manly Discussions to the Masses

This column is especially relevant now considering the current political and social environment we live in today. The astronomical increase in violent encounters around the country has many people seriously asking themselves “What if?” Mister Manners will help answer those questions. The column will be fun but also solidly professional. We understand that words have consequences, and we take this endeavor very seriously. Further, we will explore several de-escalation techniques as well as danger avoidance. We will also discuss the worst-case scenarios when someone is backed into a corner with no escape. Ultimately, our goal is to have fun but also help people keep a cool head when faced with controversy.

Many people feel unsafe in places they used to feel welcome. Today, the concept of “Look for the helpers” is more important than ever before. Most in the firearm community want to be helpers. We want to assist in that mission so we all can benefit from safer communities where our children, families, and friends can gather and enjoy the great freedoms of this nation. The key is in knowing just how to help. Please join us each week to be a part of the conversation and to demonstrate what the firearm community truly represents.

Become Part of the Conversation!

You’ll find our scenarios posted on the Athlon Outdoors Instagram page, as well as on Ballistic Facebook and Ballistic Twitter accounts. Find us by searching #mistermanners or #ballisticmistermanners. Search out our scenarios, and comment on how you would handle each situation. Also, if you come up with a scenario you think we need to cover, submit your own. Who knows, we might just use your thoughts in a Mister Manners response. So let us hear from you all; it’s your chance to sound off.

Editor’s Note: To truly make Mister Manners a meaningful discussion for contemporary, 2A-loving folks everywhere, we need your help. We’ll be posting a unique scenario to our social media every other week. That’s where we need you, our Ballistic fans, to get engaged and become part of the conversation!

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