Michael Rooker is a legend of all sorts. He’s an accomplished actor, Second Amendment supporter, and also a Skillset Magazine cover alum. To no surprise, he’s also a knowledge hound and well-versed in combatives. He recently demonstrated his knowledge of qi energy as it relates to throwing a punch.

Using Qi Energy With Michael Rooker

Rooker spent some recent time with our friends at Taran Tactical. While there he spoke with competitive shooter Tori Nonaka about throwing a normal punch versus throwing a punch using qi energy. He discusses this from a lens of self-defense.

When Nonaka asks, “What’s qi?”, Rooker happily demonstrates.

With Nonaka on the unfortunate side of the punching bag, Rooker shows off the differences in punching techniques. Nonaka feels the first “normal” punches, however, she noticeable bounces off the bag when Rooker switches over to the qi punch.

Switching from left to right and throwing nearly 10 punches, it is very clearly Rooker is a practiced fighter, and also a true Renaissance man. The video makes it pretty clear that Nonaka felt it, but when all is said and done she says, “Yeah, I feel the difference.”

Watch the entire video above.

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