Well, the Taran Tactical “Hollywood Training Academy” is at it again. Next star-studded shooter up to the line, Michael B. Jordan. Taran Tactical dropped a training video recently, tagging the video with “Michael B Jordan training with Taran for Black Panther.”

From most gun guys’ perspective, it can’t be overstated how Taran and crew has impacted the John Wick franchise. From Quad Loading to Shredding a 3-Gun-style course of fire, Keanu Reeves blew fans away with his speed, accuracy and firearm handling. We just don’t ever see that in Hollywood. Then Reeves took those skills learned from Taran and translated them onto the big screen. And 2A fans received an instant cult classic, an ongoing pile of brass that just keeps on giving.

Then we met Jade Struck, a competition shooter and trainer, part of Taran’s ever-expanding empire of badass shooters. It wasn’t long before Jade and Taran took Halle Berry under their wing, training for “John Wick 3.” And like Keanu before her, Halle was on fire.

Michael B Jordan Doesn’t Miss

Now Michael B. Jordan, one of Hollywood’s fastest rising stars, is tearing it up with Taran and the crew. While “Black Panther” fans loved his performance in the film, for us, seeing Jordan training with Taran makes us smile for very different reasons. Not only did the movie get just a little bit better for shooting fans, but it serves as yet another ripple in the pond of public opinion.

And just like Keanu and Halle, Jordan already has mad game slinging lead. From “Black Panther” to whatever film project he takes on next, he’s gonna bring the real like few other actors are ever able to deliver. And that alone should be worth the price of admission.

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