Thanks to the the We Like Shooting podcast, we were just introduced to “Master of Arms” and it’s amazing.

What the hell is “Master of Arms”? Don’t worry. We’ll get there.

The cast for episode No. 272 includes Shawn Herrin, Aaron Krieger, Savage1r, Jeremy Pozderac and Nick Lynch.

Master of Arms

Joining the WLS was Zeke Stout, host of “Master of Arms.”

Stout is a certified firearms specialist and dear friend of the We Like Shooting crew.

The new show just debuted on the Discovery Channel. It involves old-school weaponry and gunsmithing that is beyond genius.

It’s probably easiest to let Discovery explain it in their own words:
Each episode, three builders will face-off in two historical challenges that call upon era-specific weaponry, from the firearms of the frontier to the blades of the Vikings. But these aren’t just quickly fabricated weapons; each tool will be heavily researched and crafted pieces of art.
Weapons testing and judging then commences with an all-star lineup.

Joining Stout in the judging department are firearms historian Ashley Hlebinsky and professional blacksmith Trenton Tye. The testing belongs to former U.S. Army Spec Ops sniper Nicholas Irving — you know, the guy nicknamed “The Reaper.”

We watched the first episode and it’s as incredible as we hoped.

Listen to the entire We Like Shooting episode above and learn more about what to expect.

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