With the current prices of ammunition, as well as rolling ammo shortages, dry fire practice is the most cost-effective method. With all of the dry fire practice systems on the market it can be hard to choose. However, the Mantis Blackbeard has the added benefit of an AR-15 trigger reset system, making the choice a little easier.

The Mantis Blackbeard AR-15 Trigger Reset System

Offering rapid dry fire training, the Blackbeard boasts 10 shots per second, before quickly resetting the hammer between each shot. The system gets its power from the rechargeable battery, offering 100,000 shots on a single charge. *Editors Note: The video states 75,000 shots, but I spoke with Mantis, and it is 100,000.

The system is easy to install, taking less than a minute, and requires no modification to your AR-15. Installation is as easy as breaking open your upper, remove the bolt carrier group, drop in the Blackbeard, replace the pin and insert the Blackbeard magazine (which is also the rechargeable battery). As a result, you are able to train with your personal AR-15 and related accessories.

Moreover, the installation does not modify or replace the trigger group in any way. For this reason, your AR will perform exactly the same, with an identical weight, break and reset. The Blackbeard also supports both direct impingement and piston-driven ARs.

Additionally, you are provided the option during purchase to receive a Blackbeard with no laser, red laser or green laser. With the laser option, the laser will momentarily emit from the barrel with each shot. Accordingly, you will receive point of impact feedback with every squeeze of the trigger. The laser is adjustable and can be zeroed for any desired training scenario.

“This incredible product has been the culmination of over two years of countless prototypes and creative engineering,” says Engineering Manager Christopher Glabrous. “Dealing with additional challenges with chip shortages and supply chain delays, the team has pulled off a remarkable feat.”


The Mantis Blackbeard AR-15 Auto-Resetting Trigger System is available now, with an MSRP of $199.00. For more info, please visit

The Mantis Blackbeard.

Technical Laser Details:

  • 650 nm, 60ms pulse duration, Continuous wave for the Red laser
  • 520 nm, 60ms pulse duration, Continuous wave for the Green laser
  • 780 nm, 60ms pulse duration, Continuous wave for the IR laser

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