Magpul does a lot of cool stuff. Honestly, that should be the company’s tagline at this point; it’s simple, yet effective. In January we found out about the long-awaited unicorn of a gun known as the FDP-9 folding pistol. It surprised a lot of people, ourselves included. Not as long-awaited, but still kind of, is the Magpul Hunter 110 Stock.

For those keeping track, Magpul first announced its Hunter 110 Stock back in the beginning of 2020. Given the events of the last year, that feels like a decade ago at this point.

People keep asking, “Well where the hell is it?” If you’re unaware, we’ve been facing a global pandemic for the last year-plus. Needless to say, COVID shifted production on a lot of items from a lot of manufacturers. But rest assured, the Hunter 110 Stock should be here soon.

The Scoop on the Magpul Hunter 110 Stock

Most of you are probably still thinking, “Well when is ‘soon’?” Fair question. We had Magpul out at the 2020 Athlon Outdoors Rendezvous. While there, Magpul told us Q1 of 2021. Seeing as today is March 8, if that’s correct, then the stock should be here sometime in the next 23 days.

But how about some details on the stock? The Hunter 110 stock features eight M-LOK slots for mounting options. It has a fully adjustable length of pull and comb height via its spacer system. It also has interchangeable cheek rests to accommodate different optic heights. Magpul has versions for both right and left-hand actions.

What about compatibility? Magpul designed the stock for third generation Savage short action Series 10/110 centerfire rifles with center-feed magazine compatibility and action screw hole spacing of 4.40 inches (H-prefix and later) with production a date of 2006 and later.

Lastly, MSRP comes in at $299.95. Watch the Magpul Hunter 110 Stock out on the range in the above video. Again, it’ll be here soon. In the meantime, for even more info, please visit

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