There are always a handful of new products at the annual Athlon Outdoors Rendezvous that catch our attention for a variety of reasons. This year, the Magnum Research Elmer Keith BFR took a powerful stand near the top of our list — heavy emphasis on the word “powerful.”

Why the Magnum Research Elmer Keith BFR?

We held our 2019 event back in October in Idaho. Magnum Research, a subsidiary of Kahr Arms, said it was bringing its BFR. We thought, “Cool. That’s a fun revolver.”

Then Magnum Research said it was bringing its custom Elmer Keith custom variant. Well, that changed it up a little for us. Firearm aficionados should know that Keith also known as “the father of big bore handgunning”; it’s a moniker we’d wish on anyone. So with that in mind, we knew we’d have some fun with it.

If only that were the end of it. We figured we’d see a .44 Magnum or maybe even a .50 AE version, however, Magnum Research had other ideas. The manufacturer opted for the .500 Linebaugh model. It’s OK, we didn’t really like our wrists anyway.

In all sincerity, the Elmer Keith BFR drew a lot of attention at the range, mainly due to that recoil. It’s no secret, but .500 Linebaugh has some serious kick to it. But anyone who shot it left with a smile on their face. It was absolutely one of our favorites from Rendezvous. For those of you who have never shot .500 Linebaugh, it’s definitely worth it; at the very least, you can say you did it.

And for those wondering, BFR stands for “Big Frame Revolver”; not what you were probably thinking.

Watch the revolver in action in the video above. In .500 Linebaugh, the Elmer Keith BFR starts at $2,375. There are other options for customization. For more information, please visit The Elmer Keith model is the fifth frame available.

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