Long-range pistol shooting isn’t easy for everyone, even experienced shooters like Bob Whaley.

Whaley, an instructor at Gunsite Academy, is a 28-year veteran in law enforcement. He attended his first class at Gunsite in 1989 and began instructing in 2005.

Whaley’s Pistol Shooting Challenge Drill

Like anything else you want to improve upon, enhancing your long-range skills comes with training and repetition. Whaley’s drill is still serious training, but involves some fun.

Starting at 10 yards, the shooter has three opportunities to get a single hit on target. After securing a successful hit, the shooter moves back to 15 yards, then 25 yards, 35 yards and 50 yards.

“You’re seeing what your capacity is to score effective hits at longer range,” Whaley says.

Even the best shooters — Whaley included, as you’ll see — miss at extended ranges. The key is practicing as much as possible and the range is the perfect place to do it.

“Fifty yards is a difficult shot standing off-hand. But again, we’re seeing what our capabilities are and we’re pushing the envelope,” Whaley says. “… Apply the fundamentals. Push your limits as much as you possibly can. Don’t be afraid to fail at the range!”

Watch Whaley go through the drill in the video above.

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