One of the more fun items we got our hands on at the 2018 Athlon Outdoors Rendezvous was the LMT M203 37mm Flare Launcher. It was done in partnership with Brownells.

It is a direct replica of the widely used 40mm military tool. “Replica,” in this instance, translates to “civilian legal.” How? LMT’s M203 launches 37mm flare, smoke or rubber ball rounds only. The smaller 37mm caliber prevents the loading of military 40mm ordnance. There’s also no FFL required, which always makes us happy.

LMT M203 37mm Details

The 37mm launcher has mounting kits for both the M16 rifle and M4 carbine version ARs. It installs and operates just like its 40mm USGI big brother. Simply release the top locking lever, slide the tube forward, drop in the round, snap the tube back, and you’re ready to light up the night or lay down a smoke screen.

The M203 37mm has an overall length of 15 inches and weighs approximately 3 pounds. MSRP is normally $1,599, but is currently $1,399.

Watch the video above for a complete rundown on the LMT M203 37mm Flare Launcher. For more information, please visit

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