There are a lot of features that put the LMT CSW in a league of its own.

For starters, its integrally suppressed. Not the first rifle in this category, but gas and blowback, or lack thereof, is staggering.

The CSW’s ability to easily fire both sub- and supersonic 300 Blackout starts to differentiate it from the pack.

“This is meant for sub- and supersonic 300 Blackout ammo together,” says Mat Pruitt of LMT. “We’ve designed it so that I can actually stack subsonic and supersonic into the same magazine and keep shooting.”

If the above facts aren’t enough, maybe an overall length of 24 inches does the trick.

If that’s still not enough, watch the LMT CSW go to work in the video above.

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LMT CSW Specifications

Caliber: 300 BLK
Barrel: 12 inches; Integrally Suppressed – Chrome
OA Length: 24 inches
Weight: 7 pounds (empty)
Stock: Collapsible
Sights: None
Action: Direct impingement, select-fire
Finish: Matte black
Capacity: 30+1
MSRP: $3,999

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