Some ammo is a gimmick. Take dragon’s breath ammo, for instance. It emits a massive spark when fired out of a shotgun to emulate a fire-breathing dragon. Cool? Sure it is. Practical? Not really. But the new Lehigh Defense Flash Tip ammo is both cool and practical, for a number of reasons.

Lehigh Defense Flash Tip Ammo Test

I recently tested out the new Flash Tip Bullets before COVID-19 ruined all of society as we know it. Lehigh Defense tipped these bullets with low-tensile titanium. Firstly, it’s safe on steel, which is important to a lot of shooters. Secondly, it illuminates like a sparkler upon impact. When I say “impact,” I mean on both hits and misses, so you’ll know where your round goes on each shot.

The new product comes available as a standalone projectile or preloaded into .300 Blackout or .308 Winchester ammunition. Component offerings also come in a variety of 6.5mm, .30 caliber, .338, and even the big 50. We went with the .300 Blackout offering and tested our rounds at the crack of dawn to see exactly how visible they were in lowlight conditions. The sub-MOA ammunition lit up the range like fireworks, but it didn’t damage our Champion Target IPSC Steel. We continued until mid-morning to get a complete idea of their performance in different lighting conditions. Overall, we were really pleased with how well they worked, even in broad daylight.

For the test, I used a Wilson Combat upper receiver topped with the new Riton X1 Conquer 6-24x optic. Both functioned without any issues. Watch the video above, edited by Sam Weisner, for a full look at how our ammo test went. Maybe next time we’ll test out the .50-caliber ammo for some serious sparks. For more information, please visit

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