KRISS USA just unveiled its new patent-pending KRISS MagEx2 and it has our attention for a variety of reasons. The new product is a capacity extending base plate for factory standard Glock G17 and G20 magazines.

So exactly what is the MagEx2? It consists of an inner and outer extension sleeve, made of advanced polymer composites, along with an extended spring. When combined with a factory standard Glock magazine body and follower, the MagEx2 adds 23 rounds to the capacity of a G17 magazine, for a total of 40 rounds of 9mm; and it adds 18 rounds to the capacity of a G20 magazine, for a total of 33 rounds of 10mm.

KRISS designed the MagEx2 to extend the capacity of a standard magazine for use in the KRISS Vector 9mm and 10mm models as well. However, it is compatible in other firearms designed to use Glock 9mm and 10mm magazines, including Glock pistols, pistol caliber carbines, and magazine well conversion kits for AR-15 PCC conversions.

Two versions of the MagEx2 are available: A do-it-yourself kit and a complete magazine bundle. The MagEx2 kits and magazines will be available for order starting Jan. 28, 2019. MSRP on the kit kit is $35.99; the complete magazines are $66.95.

KRISS added that the MagEx2 for .45 ACP is on its way sometime in the second quarter of 2019. The .45 ACP version adds 15 rounds of capacity to a G21 magazine for a total of 30 rounds.

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