KRISS Mag-Ex2 .45 ACP, Glock Magazine extension
(Photo by KRISS USA)

KRISS USA first announced its Mag-Ex2 back in January, with 9mm and 10mm versions paving the way. The manufacturer promised a .45 ACP version would follow in Q2. As promised, the .45 version just arrived.

The new .45 ACP version adds 17 rounds of capacity to a G21 magazine for a total of 30 rounds. For reference, the 9mm version adds 23 rounds to the capacity of a G17 magazine, for a total of 40. Meanwhile, the 10mm version adds 18 rounds to the capacity of a G20 magazine, for a total of 33 rounds.

How Does the KRISS Mag-Ex2 Work?

KRISS has two different Mag-Ex2 offerings: the DIY Mag-Ex Kit 2 and the Mag Ex2 Extended Magazine. The Mag-Ex Kit 2 is an extending base plate for factory standard Glock magazines. It is made up of the extended baseplate, outer sleeve, and extended spring. KRISS constructed the Mag-Ex Kit 2 out of durable and lightweight reinforced composites.

The Mag-Ex2 Extended Magazine is a simply fully assembled Mag-Ex Kit 2 with a factory standard Glock Magazine.

Combining the Mag-Ex Kit 2 with the factory standard Glock magazine body and follower allows for reliable feeding on the KRISS Vector, aforementioned Glock handguns, or any Glock magazine-compatible pistol caliber carbine.

The Kit retails for $35.95 while the Extended Magazine retails for $66.95. For more information, please visit

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