Contrary to what you might see in movies, throwing a knife and successfully hitting your target isn’t easy. When it comes to knife throwing, everyone envisions themselves as Chuck Norris.

The reality is you are not Chuck Norris. Catching a knife out of midair and “returning to sender” with one swift flick of the wrist is damn near impossible.

We’re also only focusing on the latter half of that equation. Catching knives isn’t in our repertoire. Throwing knives is another story, so let’s get to that.

Side note: If you are actually Chuck Norris, thanks for checking out our site. We’d love meet you in person if it’s not already too weird for you.

Knife Throwing 101

Ballistic Magazine’s resident mustache aficionado Alex Landeen and his friend Ian Ross are both amateur knife-throwing enthusiasts.

“For me it’s just a fun way to unwind. It’s a good hobby,” Landeen says. “It’s something to do when you’re trying work through a little bit of writer’s block or something — you just get out there and start throwing some knives. Getting into that repetition thing can be ‘cleansing for the soul.'”

In the video above, Landeen reviews a few knives he likes to use, including:

Landeen also reviews length-to-weight ratio, proper form and even making your own wooden target. Watch the video above for Landeen’s complete tutorial. Once you’re done watching, get out there, practice and have fun.

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