Former collegiate tennis player, model for a major activewear company, bikini and fitness competitor, black belt in karate and college graduate working as a physical therapist, Kimberly Marie has accomplished much in short order. Oh, and she’s working on her doctorate, too! We should also mention that she owns multiple homes as part of a renovation business, which makes us believe that she’s an ace at scheduling and planning as well. And she’s only 27.

A Porsche 911-Inspired Rifle

Kim recently spent some serious time behind the wheel of a Porsche 911, so the timing was perfect when I asked Kim if she’d be willing to pose for this “Last Blast” with a custom Porsche-inspired 6mm Creedmoor from J. Allen Enterprises and Surgeon Rifles. She was stoked to be in the presence of a 911 Turbo and GT3, among other rare Porsches from a friend’s personal collection.

After driving the 911, Kimberly developed a new appreciation for performance cars. And while her passion for horsepower is new, her passion for firepower isn’t.

An Avid Shooter

Kimberly has currently written a few articles covering topics from pistol training to building her first AR, the importance of a concealed-carry permit and the benefits of suppressors for newer shooters. She’s also been the cover model for our sister publication “Personal Defense World” and appeared in countless other gun media.

Kimberly loves guns. So far she’s taken a semi-auto .308 as far as 700 yards—because that’s all the room she had. At 110 pounds, she can throw down on a .300 Winchester Magnum, has touched off rounds from a suppressed Barrett .50 and has amassed countless mag dumps on full-autos.

“I don’t get to shoot as much as I used to, but once I finish my PhD, I’ll have a lot more time and money for the things I truly love to do,” Kim said. “Oh, and I’m going to buy a Porsche, too.”

No doubt she will. Follow Kimberly Marie on Instagram: @_kimberly_marie

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