I have always been a big fan of the 1911 platform. It’s a simple, yet proven design that is easy and fun to shoot. However, one place a 1911 has always lacked is in the looks department. I have seen some high-polished 1911s, as well as some with some custom slide work done to them, but they still were nothing really special; that is until now. Kimber pretty much revolutionized the market with the release of its Rapide Black Ice 1911. I have not been able to find another word to describe it other than “sexy” since the first time I laid eyes on it.

Kimber Rapide Black Ice Details

The Rapide Black Ice introduced major performance enhancing features. Kimber added stepped cocking serrations, slide lightening window cuts on the front top and sides of the slide, the gorgeous two-tone KimPro finish, a DLC coated barrel, match-grade trigger with a 4-5-pound break, and Tru-Glo TFX Pro Day/Night Sights. Every part of this gun just works well together.

The Black Ice also comes with Kimber Stiplex front-strap stippling. Additionally, the black G10 grips provide extra gripping confidence and bring that same look of those window cuts, stepped cocking serrations, and even the front stippling as well. This seems like a lot of textures to add into just the grip panels, but trust me, it all works so well together. It provides an aggressive grip that won’t tear up your hands. Unfortunately, Kimber only ships the Rapide Black Ice with one Magazine, which just kind of sucks.

Kimber Rapide Black Ice Testing

I got my hands on a 9mm version for testing. However, fans of .45 ACP and 10mm can rejoice—Kimber offers the Black Ice in those calibers as well. The gun shoots extremely well and stays very flat. The trigger is also absolutely phenomenal. Honestly, one of the best I have ever felt on a 1911. I used Black Hills 124g JHP, which shot great. I put around 400 rounds down range in my first range session with no issues at all. It did take a little time to get used to the Tru-Glo TFX sights due to their height. They are a bit bulky and tall for my liking, but they work great. The dots are simple to see in any lighting conditions and are also quick to acquire.

Overall, the new Kimber Rapide Black Ice is an incredible 1911 at a really fair price. The 9mm version I tested has an MSRP of $1,510. If you are looking at getting into 1911s, adding a functional head turner to your gun collection, or possibly looking to get into competition shooting, the Black Ice model could be perfect. For more information, please visit

Kimber Rapide Black Ice Models & Specs

  • .45 ACP: $1,490
  • 9mm: $1,510
  • 10mm: $1,510
  • Barrel Length: 5 inches
  • Overall Length: 8.7 inches
  • Weight: 38 ounces (empty)
  • Height: 5.25 inches
  • Width: 1.28 inches
  • Magazine capacity: 9

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