Previously, we’ve referred to KelTec as the “underappreciated modern marvel of firearm innovation” — that sentiment continues with the just-announced KelTec P17. The manufacturer promises a package with “more bells and whistles than a Christmas Day parade.”

KelTec P17 Details

Back in January, KelTec announced the CP33, a 22 LR pistol with a 33+1 capacity. The P17 continues that .22 LR innovation in a much more compact package with a price less than $200.

Let’s start with the size. Plinking comes to mind with .22 LR, not self-defense. The P17 is, by all means, a plinker. However, KelTec certainly has a concealable pistol on its hands here. The pistol is 6.65 inches long and, more impressively, just 14 ounces loaded, according to KelTec; that’s a pretty sweet concealable package.

Some experts won’t push .22 LR for self-defense, while others argue shot placement as the preeminent factor. Either way, it’s tough to ignore the compact nature of the P17. At the very least, this is an excellent training option for those considering concealed carry.

On top of that, KelTec didn’t skimp on capacity either. While it’s certainly not the 33+1 capacity of the CP33, the P17 offers 16+1 capacity; that’s more than enough to get the job done. It also helps that KelTec includes three magazines standard with each pistol.

Other features include a threaded barrel, Picatinny-style accessory rail, ambidextrous safety, and ambidextrous magazine release. The P17 also features a fiber optic front sight and adjustable rear sight. There features are impressive on just about any pistol, but when you factor in an MSRP of $199, the “wow” factor jumps quite a bit.

KelTec P17 Specs

  • .22 LR
  • Weight (unloaded): 12.8 ounces
  • Magazine Capacity: 16
  • Overall Length: 6.65 inches
  • Barrel Length: 3.93 inches
  • Barrel Threads: 1/2-28 TPI

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