Just last week, Taran Tactical released a video of the lovely Halle Berry shredding targets at the TTI range. The famous actress went to the TTI crew to train for her role in “John Wick 3.” And like Keanu Reeves before her, Berry didn’t disappoint, shooting on the move, transitions, double taps; all were on point.

But the man behind the “John Wick” franchise apparently won’t be outdone. Taran Tactical just released yet another video from the “John Wick 3” training sessions, this one featuring Reeves running a TTI Benelli M2. The shooting, as we’ve now come to expect, is excellent. But even more impressive are the movie star’s quad loads.

Quad loading comes from the world of 3-Gun and practical shotgun competition. As the shooting sports evolved, competitors matured from loading single shotshells off arm bands and gun-mounted caddies, to grabbing four shells at a time from vertically stacked caddies from the belt. In time, competitors developed even newer techniques, stacking the rounds horizontally, or stacked.

This evolution enabled shooters to first load two rounds at a time, a technique called Load-2. Finally, the technique and accompanying gear grew into two stacks of two, dubbed the quad load. The quad load is now the most widely-used technique in practical shooting.

Keanu Reeves Rocks a TTI Benelli

And our man Keanu Reeves is dropping quad load like a seasoned pro. The video shows Reeves run a drill where he shoots three, loads four, shoots two, loads four, then shoots three to finish. And he rocks it. To which trainer Jade Struck excitedly praises him on his two-second improvement. “I had a little stumble,” the humble Reeves says bashfully. “I could have gone a little quicker.”

Along with Butler, Reeves also trained with yet another 3-Gun champion, Keith Garcia. “I was very impressed with Keanu’s work ethic and dedication, plus he is a very humble and nice man,” Garcia said in a recent FaceBook post. “We worked with shotgun, pistol and carbine. Lots of weapon handling and loading. … I can’t wait to see the movie.”

Neither can we.

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