So for starters, when we say “anti-2A states,” we’re looking at you, California. The GEN2-A1 model of the Kali Key just released with all anti-2A states in mind. We hate it — and by that we mean we hate the product’s existence, not the actually product itself.

What’s the Kali Key and Why Does it Exist?

So what does the Kali Key do? For all intents and purposes, it’s a bolt-action charging handle. It drops into any mil-spec AR style rifle and removes it from the definition of an “assault weapon” under the Assault Weapons Control Act. The process is as quick as swapping out your bolt carrier group. There’s no removal of your gas system or any milling. All you’re doing is replacing the factory gas key and charging handle on any Mil-Spec bolt carrier group with the Kali Key. The finished product is a straight-pull bolt-action rifle.

Then there’s the hunting side of things. It allows AR owners to hunt in jurisdictions that restrict hunting with semi-auto rifles. It also allows hunters to transport and hunt in any states that have “assault weapon” laws. Like we said, it’s an unfortunate product in terms of existence, but it serves a purpose.

The original model launched in 2018. The all-new GEN2-A1 version features a new Gas Blowback Capture System. The patent-pending system prevents blowback to the shooter, as well as soot collection on optics. It also captures any gas that wasn’t fully diverted out of the ejection port before it gets to the shooter.

Lastly, as always, is MSRP. The GEN2-A1 and BCG Bundle is available for $182.95, while the GEN2-A1 by itself is available for $97.95. For more information, please visit

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