Kalashnikov PPK 20 SMG, Kalashnikov Concern 9mm
(Photo by Kalashnikov Concern)

Looks like something good has come out of Russia. We’ll take “Phrases You Don’t Hear That Often These Days” for $1,000. Kalashnikov Concern just unveiled its all-new 9mm PPK 20 submachine gun. It’s an improved version of the Vityaz-SN, which has been the Russian military’s SMG of choice since about 2005.

Kalashnikov PPK 20 Details

Kalashnikov Concern sent out a press release Wednesday announcing the PPK 20 successfully completed state tests. We speak fluent Russian (we used Google translate), so we were able to translate everything for you. By passing those state tests, the PPK 20 is now suitable for mass production.

Kalashnikov Concern said it used the serially produced Vityaz-SN submachine gun as the base of the new model. The goal was an improved version of the Vityaz-SN. The manufacturer said the ergonomics of the weapon and the equipment attached are both significantly improved with the PPK 20.

The left-side folding stock is a nice addition. It’s a polymer build and makes the PPK 20 way more transportable. Another new feature, compared to the Vityaz-SN, is the pistol grip. Most versions of the Vityaz-SN featured a relatively flat grip, which didn’t provide a great purchase. The new PPK 20 grip features finger molds with a curved rear. Overall, it looks solid.

Russian Concern 9mm SMG, Suppressor
(Photo by Kalashnikov Concern)

Kalashnikov Concern also acknowledged adding a “low-noise firing device” to the SMG. We think everyone can translate that one: It now comes with a suppressor. The photo above provides a pretty good idea of what to expect. Beyond that, the company said the PPK 20 includes a single- and two-point sling. The company also includes a digi-cam bag for slings, magazines, suppressors, and other accessories.

And that’s what we have for now. Wouldn’t mind taking this one out on the range for some testing. We’ll see what we can do. In the meantime, keep your eyes peeled on Kalashnikovgroup.ru.

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