Taran Tactical really hit the map when Keanu Reeves started training there for his “John Wick” role. Since then, we’ve seen the likes of Halle Berry (for “John Wick 3”), Michael B. Jordan (for “Black Panther”), and plenty of other stars role through the California shooting center. Well, add both Joe Rogan and Rob Lowe to the Taran Tactical roster.

Joe Rogan, Rob Lowe Train at Taran Tactical

As the above Instagram post from Rogan shows, both stars recently made it out to Taran’s range. Rogan heading to the range isn’t a surprise. He’s had plenty of gun guys on his podcast, including our very own Pat McNamara. More recently, Skillset “cover model” and 2A advocate Colion Noir joined the podcast. Rogan has also long talked about doing some training with Taran on his podcast. Seems he’s a man of his word.

On the other hand, Lowe is a bit of surprise. In 2013, Lowe appeared on CNN with Piers Morgan and talked about guns in America (video). Lowe said he was a gun owner, but also said he didn’t own any “assault weapons” and didn’t understand why someone needed them. He also waffled on a couple of other questions before ending the conversation with something we actually enjoyed: “I do think the last thing viewers want is another Hollywood actor telling them anything about guns, pro or con.”

That was seven years ago. People’s mindsets change over time, so maybe Lowe is a full-on “gun guy” now. Either way, it’s nice to see him out on the range training. And regardless of how you feel, Lowe’s hair is still impressive. The guy is 56 years old; just lose it like the rest of us. Here is Lowe’s post from his training session with Taran. Not bad, overall.

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