This is the third of five videos about author and former Navy SEAL Jack Carr. If you haven’t heard, we featured Carr on the cover of the Oct/Nov 2020 issue of Ballistic Magazine. Grab your copy at Watch above as he talks about the guns and blades he used in his latest book, Savage Son.”

In his third novel, “Savage Son,” best-selling author Jack Carr opens the book with this quote from Ernest Hemingway, “There Is no hunting like the hunting of man and those who have hunted armed men long enough and liked it never care for anything else.” What follows is a ripping adventure where his protagonist, James Reece, explores what Carr describes as “an exploration of the darkest impulses of the human psyche.”

The Weapons of “Savage Son”

Apart from the rapid-fire plot and page-turning action, Carr’s novels reflect details that only a former professional operator and gear aficionado can bring to the page. Carr thoughtfully chooses his character’s guns, knives, watches, vehicles and technology to inform the reader of a particular character’s background. It also brings true-life realism in their application. What you won’t find in his pages are scenes where striker-fired Glocks make a hammer cocking sound to emphasize a character’s threatening tone. Instead, you’ll find uniquely chosen and often graphically applied weapons and tools.

We recently sat down with Carr to discuss some of his weapon choices. On the edged weapon side of things, Carr has some favorites from Half Face Blades and Winkler Knives. Then we move to handguns, where Carr shifts to the SIG Sauer realm, like the P365. Lastly are the carbines and long guns, which is where it gets really fun. Watch our video with Carr above as he runs through the weapons he truly loves.

Also, do you want to see our entire list that showcases of our favorite of Carr’s weapons? Grab a copy of the Oct/Nov 2020 issue of Ballistic Magazine at

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