This is the last of five videos about author and former Navy SEAL Jack Carr. In case you didn’t hear, we put Carr on the cover of the new Oct/Nov 2020 issue of Ballistic Magazine. Grab your copy at Watch above as Jack Carr talks about how he got into writing books and what his military training was like.

In something we dubbed “Jack Carr Week” here on, we ran through a gauntlet of interviews and videos with the best-selling author. First, he unboxed his prized Hemingway typewriter and walked us through the writing process. Then he answered some lowbrow Q&A from us. After that, Carr gave us a rundown of the guns and knives he’s used in his books. Lastly, he let us take a peak at his restored 1988 FJ62 Toyota Land Cruiser.

Jack Carr, Writing Books & Military Service

Which brings us to today. For the last part of our journey, we took Carr to the Sub MOA Shooting School in Henefer, Utah. While there, we did some casual long-range shooting and spoke about Carr’s introduction into writing. We also spoke about his military training and service. If you’re in the area, we highly recommend you check out Sub MOA — it’s a blast … even without a best-selling author.

Also, while we’re here, we’re officially unveiling the dual cover we shot for the October/November 2020 issue of Ballistic Magazine. Here you go:

Ballistic Magazine October November 2020

We want to thank Jack for taking the time to speak with us as he writes book No. 4; keep an eye out for “The Devil’s Hand,” slated for an April 13, 2021, release date.

For now, watch the video above and learn a little more about our favorite author. Want to read more about Jack Carr? Grab a copy of the October/November 2020 issue of Ballistic Magazine at

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