New Instagram policy lumps firearms with drug use.
(Photo by Gun Drummer/Athlon Outdoors Instagram)

If you want to look at guns, you also want to see drug content in your social media feed. That’s what the new Instagram Sensitive Content Control initiative effectively sets up as a choice for users. It also provides an incredible glimpse into how one of the largest companies on the planet––Facebook/Instagram––regards America’s gun owners.

New Instagram Sensitive Content Control Automatically Filters Guns Away

The new policy automatically switches accounts to a default setting, filtering away so-called sensitive content from the feed. Of course it lumps all things guns in with violence, drug use and more. It marks the latest move by Tech Valley to suppress or take voice from 2A community.

“Today we’re taking another step and launching what we call ‘Sensitive Content Control,’ which allows you to decide how much sensitive content shows up in Explore,” read a company statement.

Of note, Instagram allows bare breasts, if used in a protest. It will show flag burning, play explicit lyrics, and routinely allows highly sexualized content. Yet it purports to block sensitive content that could upset some people. The policy clearly states:

Examples of sensitive content that this control impacts:

  • Content that may be sexually suggestive or violent.
  • Content that may be about drugs or firearms.

“These guidelines were designed to help ensure that we don’t show you sensitive content from accounts you don’t follow,” Instagram stated. “You can think of sensitive content as posts that don’t necessarily break out rules, but could potentially be upsetting to some people––such as posts that may be sexually suggestive or violent.

Luckily, you still maintain control over your individual feed. To undue this ridiculous blocking of firearms content, go to your new Sensitive Content Control. With your smartphone, go to your profile, then Settings menu. Tap Account, then Sensitive Content Control. Now click “Allow” if you want to see firearm content. God knows what else our posts will group up with, but this is this the drill.

The Contemporary Culture War rages on, as mainstream, liberal institutions, from banking, to media, to social media and more, continue attempting to stifle or erase all opposing views. Fire-breathing, flag-waving, gun-loving, red-blooded American patriots just got lumped in with drug use and violence. Let that sink in a little bit.

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