Innerloc Blood Bug Broadhead Arrow, Umarex AirJavelin

We’ve spoken at length about the Umarex AirJavelin and its bigger brother, the Umarex AirSaber. The air-powered arrow-shooting rifles are tons of fun on the range. To make things a little more interesting, Innerloc just announced its Blood Bug broadhead arrow, designed specifically for the AirJavelin.

Innerloc Blood Bug Details

Before we get to the Blood Bug, here’s a quick rehash on the AirJavelin. It uses CO2 cartridges and features a patent-pending pre-charged valve system. It launches 170-grain carbon arrows at more than 300 fps. MSRP comes in at $169.

So, let’s get back to the Blood Bug. For those unfamiliar, Innerloc specializes in broadhead design for bows, crossbows, and bow fishing. The manufacturer developed its new Blood Bug for small game. Innerloc said it was inspired by the Air Archery category of arrow shooting air rifles, specifically the new Umarex AirJavelin.

The all-new Blood Bug is a special folding “fixed blade” design. It weighs only 50-grains. The blades are .040 inches thick and provide a cutting diameter of 1.125 inches. According to Innerloc, the Blood bug “zips like a dart from pneumatic arrow guns that were made to shoot lightweight carbon fiber arrows.”

How does the Blood Bug work? Here’s what Innerloc had to say:

A patent-pending friction plug drags on the blades holding them in the shooting position. This innovative technology allows the blades of the Innerloc Blood Bug to remain in the open position when in flight and throughout impact, but will pivot forward for easy removal from the intended target. The three-blade design easily opens a large wound channel creating an ethically lethal combination for small to mid-size game when paired with the 300 feet per second Umarex AirJavelin.

“It was an honor to partner with Umarex USA in the development of a lightweight broadhead that would provide field point accuracy and produce an impressive wound channel,” Interloc’s Kevin Sullivan said.

Lastly is MSRP, which comes in at $24.99 for a three-pack. For more information, please visit

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