The Romanian-built PSL 54 rifle is back in the States, courtesy of Century Arms. The manufacturer announced it would be imported the new manufactured PSL Rifle earlier in 2019. We finally got our hands on it at the 2019 Athlon Outdoors Rendezvous in Idaho.

Century Arms PSL 54 Details

As one of the more famous designated marksman rifles ever made, the PSL is certainly a head-turner. Laminated wood furniture and a skeleton stock to the tip of the muzzle brake help the rifle stand out. Century’s new import comes with a 10-round magazine and a Russian-made PO 4×24 optic.

Ballistic Magazine contributor Graham Baates got some time with it in Idaho. He said: “You get the power of 7.62×54 — the longest continuous military service round in history. All the fun of guys like me that grew up with Mosin–Nagants, having fun with that round, now you get it in semi-auto. The recoil is gone. It doesn’t shoot at all like the Mosins did.”

Watch Baates speak with Century’s Jason Karvois about the PSL 54 in the video above. They also test it out on our beautiful custom range. MSRP on the rifle is $2,199.99. For more information, please visit

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