To test its Hell’s Canyon Speed rifle and gear, the folks at Browning organized an aoudad sheep hunt just outside of Marfa, Texas.

If you’re familiar with this part of Texas, then you know how unforgiving the landscape can be, with steep elevation changes, sharp rocks and plenty of cacti. Add to the difficult terrain the fact that aoudad sheep have powerful legs and are keenly aware of their surroundings.

The X-Bolt Hell’s Canyon Speed rifle is a relatively new offering from Browning. The barrel and receiver feature a burnt bronze Cerakote finish while the stock is covered in A-TACS AU camo. This makes it a perfect match to Hell’s Canyon Speed clothing line to offer hunters unparalleled concealment while tracking and hunting game.

On the Trail with Aoudad Sheep

The hunt was arduous. Aoudad sheep do not simply come walking up to you and ask to be taken. You must get out there and get after them. And get after them is exactly what they did.

The men spent four days hiking up and down terrain that chews up boots and makes for tired legs. Climbing on rocks and bumping into cactus was the norm, not the exception. The Hell’s Canyon Speed gear proved its worth over those long four days.

The hunters were able to take six sheep using the X-Bolt rifles and Browning’s .30-06 Springfield BXR ammunition, which is designed specifically for large game. Each hunter successfully ranged and glassed their prey while remaining concealed, and the game-taking shots ranged from 200 yards to an impressive 523 yards.

In the end, the Browning apparel and rifles went to hell and back, performing flawlessly on the hunt.

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