Hornady is an innovator in the ammo space. From its 300 PRC cartridge to its even newer 6mm ARC, Hornady always has something in the works. Well, the Hornady Handgun Hunter ammo has been in the works since 2019 when it was first announced. And now, we have a full look at the ammo as it finally hits shelves.

Hornady Handgun Hunter Ammo Arrives

We got to shoot the .44 Magnum Handgun Hunter ammo at the 2020 Athlon Outdoors Rendezvous in Idaho. As expected, it packs a punch. But the technology behind the bullet is impressive, to say the least. It’s a non-lead bullet. Instead, it features a tough copper alloy in the MonoFlex bullet; this allows for deeper penetration and also better weight retention. The copper alloy allows about 95 percent weight retention for “maximum impact.”

“They are also built with a very large hollow point cavity that helps aid in expansion and filled with a soft elastomer material, which helps those hollow point tips from clogging,” Hornady’s Neal Emery told us. “It also helps aid in expansion. When the bullet impacts, that elastomer is pushed back and then it starts pushing out in all directions, which helps force that bullet to basically mushroom or expand.”

Hornady Handgun Hunter ammo just recently hit the market in seven different cartridges. Those cartridges include, 9mm Luger +P, .357 Magnum, .40 S&W, 10mm, .454 Casull, .460 S&W Magnum, and the aforementioned .44 Magnum.

We urge you to grab some of the new ammo … if you can find it (thanks, ammo shortage). We included some data on the ammo below. Watch the video above for a closer look. For even more info, please visit

Ammo Info

CartridgeWeightBullet TypeB.C.Box Count
9mm Luger +P115 grMonoFlex.136 (G1)25
.357 Magnum130 grMonoFlex.140 (G1)25
.40 S&W135 grMonoFlex.101 (G1)20
10mm Automatic135 grMonoFlex.101 (G1)20
.44 Magnum200 grMonoFlex.169 (G1)20
.454 Casull200 grMonoFlex.166 (G1)20
.460 S&W Magnum200 grMonoFlex.166 (G1)20

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