HE509T-GR Pistol Sight

Holosun, makers of the original HE509T, introduces the latest version of their titanium pistol sight, the HE509T-GR. The HE509T-GR is a reflex optical pistol sight in high contrast super green LED.

Holosun HE509T-GR Pistol Sight

Although any reticle color has pluses and minuses, the green LED is more effective than red, at its brightest settings. The green LED offers a higher contrast than red against more backgrounds. The brighter green color helps to obtain a sight picture faster when engaged in competition, hunting or on duty. Even though it takes some getting used to, many shooters have noticed that they pick up the green reticles faster than red.

The grade-5 titanium housing of the HE509T-GR protects the multi-coated optical glass from undue damage. Holosun’s Solar Failsafe feature automatically adjusts the illumination to match the environment and ambient lighting. The 50,000-hour battery life ensures that the ShakeAwake technology is always ready for action. Finally, the dual power and multi-reticle system provides 10 daylight and 2 night-vision compatible settings for all environments and lighting conditions.

The 1.61-inch-long, 1.35-inch-tall, 1.21-inch-wide housing of the HE509T-GR pistol sight weighs only 1.72 ounces. The side-mounted battery makes changing the battery easy, without having to remove the optic. The RMR adapter plate makes the 509T compatible with standard RMR interfaces.

HE509T-GR Pistol Sight

HE509T-GR Pistol Sight Specs

2 MOA Dot & 32 MOA Circle Multi-Reticle System
Light Wavelength of 540nm
Green Reticle Color
Parallax Free
Unlimited Eye Relief
1x Magnification
Multi-Coated Optical Glass
Solar and Battery Powered
CR1632 Battery
50,000 Hour Battery Life
10 DL&2 NV Brightness Settings
Titanium Housing and Finish
Window Size 0.66” x 0.9”
Exterior Dimensions 1.60” × 1.16” × 1.13”
1.72 Oz. Weight
IP67 Water Resistance

The HE509T-GR will be available soon and carries an MSRP of $541.16. For more info, please visit Holosun.com.

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