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There’s no shortage of gun storage these days, and some ideas are more clever than others. The concept of “hidden in plain sight” storage units is nothing new. We’ve seen Freedom Frames, which allows gun owners to store their firearms inside a work of art. We’ve also seen people electronically sync their hidden storage unit to the voice-controlled Alexa. But how about hiding your rifle in a wooden log?

Hiding Your Rifle in a Wooden Log

We stumbled onto the video below on Facebook. It comes from Fritz Rabe, who is a professional hunter of 30 years in Africa. He also runs Fritz Rabe Adventures, a hunting tour group. Now, context is everything and we don’t have a lot of it here. What we do understand is that this isn’t some guy who got creative in an attempt to hide his rifle from the ATF. It’s actually an African-based poacher hiding his rifle from anti-poachers.

Rabe shared the video in attempt to show people the lengths poachers will go to continue what they do. We’re all for ingenuity, and that’s obviously what piqued our interest here, but we can all agree that poachers are the scum of the Earth. The text on the video is as follows: “People who think that poachers are stupid have never done Anti-poaching in a rural area when you see many people gathering wood.”

Again, great concept, but used for a horrible purpose. Having said that, it does give us a great idea for new gun case.

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