HK SP5K PDW, Heckler & Koch SP5K PDW, MP5K PDW Variant

Remember last year when Heckler & Koch introduced the SP5? It’s the civilian variant of the classic MP5. That introduction was a lot of fun, but it was back in 2019 when the world didn’t suck. Now we’re in 2020 and everything is awful … or is it? HK came to the rescue Wednesday, unveiling the all-new SP5K PDW. As the name indicates, it’s the civilian version of the MP5K PDW.

HK SP5K PDW Details

Before we keep going, we’re throwing a few different versions around here, so let’s review quickly. The MP5 is the submachine gun that started it all, while the SP5 is its semi-auto variant that released last year (as mentioned above).

Then there’s the MP5K, which is essentially a shortened version of the original MP5. The “K” stands for the German word for short — “kurtz.” The “K” model features a shorter barrel and receiver. There are other differences, but we’re not going into them here. HK launched the SP5K back in 2016. If you couldn’t figure it out, it’s the civilian version of the MP5K. A lot of HK fanatics complained that it didn’t have the Tri-Lug barrel or the paddle magazine release.

That brings us to the just-announced SP5K PDW. As we mentioned, it’s the civilian version of the MP5K PDW. It also includes the aforementioned Tri-Lug barrel or the paddle magazine release.

The gun is a semi-auto, 9mm pistol. The new pistol comes as you see it, without any brace. It’s also an absolutely absurd 13.8 inches in overall length. Barrel length comes in at 5.83 inches, while weight (empty) comes in a 4.2 pounds. Truck gun? We think so.

You still with us? Good. As expected, the new SP5K PDW features HK’s legendary roller-delayed blowback operating system. It is available with magazine capacities of 10 (worst states ever) and 30. Shooters can also grab extra magazines, including a 15-rounder, as an $80 add-on.

Lastly is price. This shouldn’t come as a shock to most of you, but MSRP for the SP5K PDW is the same as the SP5: $2,799. Christmas is kind of close, so that’s an option for some of you. Although it’ll probably be sold out by then, so maybe not. For more info, visit

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