Suppressors have been making waves on the hunting scene, as they help reduce the sound of a rifle. However, while they are effective, they also require a tax stamp. Not to mention that they are illegal in some states and jurisdictions. For this reason, the Hatsan .50 caliber PileDriver PCP rifle just might be the perfect alternative for large game hunting.

Hatsan .50 Caliber PileDriver PCP

Featuring a bullpup design, the PileDriver remains under 4 feet, while boasting a 33-inch barrel. The high-strength steel barrel has precision rifling for long-range accuracy. Additionally, the absence of a shroud allows for the use of sabat rounds. The rifle also features an extra-large top-loading port that can accommodate ammo up to 34mm in length. Correspondingly, a side lever cocking mechanism makes loading the PCP easy for this single-shot rifle.

A 480cc carbon fiber bottle delivers 800 ft-lbs. of energy in .50 caliber, as well as 700+ ft-lbs. in .45. In addition, the bottle fills to 4350 PSI and provides up to 6 high-powered shots on a single fill. Put shots on target via a patented hammer design, eliminating traditional steel coil springs, in favor of a smoother gas piston mechanism.

A synthetic bullpup stock features an ergonomic pistol grip, which is textured for enhanced control. Similarly, a soft rubber buttpad is both elevation and angle adjustable, further reducing felt recoil and aiding in control. Furthermore, the cheek rest is elevation adjustable to ensure proper sight alignment, regardless of optic.

Providing enough real estate for a variety of optics is a 14-inch long picatinny rail, riding just above the barrel. The rail accepts picatinny accessories, while additionally accepting 11mm Dovetail mounts. Further expanding options, three small picatinny rails ride around the air bottle.

The PileDriver was designed exclusively for high-powered hunting applications. However, before purchase make sure to check all local and state game laws pertaining to air guns for big game. Always get to know the law, before the law gets to know you.


The Hatsan .50 Caliber PileDriver is available now, with an MSRP starting at $1,199.99. For more info, please visit

Hatsan .50 Caliber PileDriver Features

  • Genuine bullpup design, manual loading high-powered PCP air rifle
  • Available in .45 and .50 caliber
  • Long cocking lever for easy cocking action
  • Precision rifled steel barrel for long-range accuracy
  • 480cc carbon fiber air bottle with 300 BAR (4350 PSI) fill pressure provides up to 6 high-powered shots
  • Ergonomic synthetic thumbhole bullpup stock
  • Locking elevation adjustable cheek rest
  • Elevation and fit angle adjustable soft cushioned butt pad
  • Combo Picatinny and 11mm Dovetail optics rail
  • 3 Picatinny accessory rails mounted on air bottle
  • Includes quick-fill nozzle

Hatsan .50 Caliber PileDriver Specifications

  • .45 Caliber
  • Max Energy: 700+ Ft-lb
  • Number of Shots: 4-6
  • .50 Caliber
  • Max Energy: 800+ Ft-lb
  • Number of Shots: 3-5
  • Air Cylinder Volume: 480cc
  • Fill Pressure: 300 BAR (4350 PSI)
  • Tactical synthetic pistol grip stock with adjustable cheek rest and butt pad
  • Overall Length: 46.5”
  • Barrel Length: 33”
  • Overall Weight: 10.4 lbs

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