If you followed our SHOT Show 2018 coverage, then you may have seen Kris “Tanto” Paronto make one or 10 cameos. We teased a short two-part series we filmed with him out in that beautiful desert known as Las Vegas.

Stepping off the SHOT Show floor, Athlon Outdoors got some one-on-one time with Tanto to train.

Tanto runs Battleline Tactical with Dave “Boon” Benton, both of whom were instrumental in saving lives during the 2012 Benghazi attacks.

In Vegas, Tanto went over some basic handgun marksmanship fundamentals that all shooters will find useful.

Las Vegas Gunfights was kind enough to host us as Tanto went through the aforementioned handgun marksmanship fundamentals (part I), as well as pistol instruction (part II).

A Word from Tanto

“What I recommend to people is learn from everybody. Learn what everybody has to say. There’s not the ‘best’ instructor out there. No instructor knows everything. But if you learn everything from everyone, then you have that ‘kit bag knowledge.’ Put it in your ‘kit bag’ and then if you need it later, you can pull it out later and use it. If you don’t like what you’re being taught, then you don’t use it. But have it, and always keep an open mind.”

Handgun Marksmanship Fundamentals

The “students” in the video above are not amateurs by any stretch of the imagination. Kevin Steuterman is a member of the U.S. Air Force. Meanwhile, Debi S. Earle — who you’ve seen pinging steel at insane distances in some of our other videos — is the founder of Warrior Angels.

Tanto starts his fundamentals training by discussing the importance of forming a good base.

“You have to have a good base to build on, just like a tree,” he says. “If the tree doesn’t have a good root system, it’s not going to grow.

Tanto continues to review stance, grips, sight picture, and follow through or a second sight picture.

Watch part I above. Also, stay tuned for part II, which focuses on pistol instruction with actual firing.

For more, please visit the Battleline Tactical Facebook page.

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