The name “Hakim Isler” should sound familiar to you. He is a survival, combat and security expert, and legit modern-day ninja. He’s also been on TV shows like “Naked and Afraid” and “Kicking & Screaming,” the former of which he completed. But, most importantly, we just featured Isler in February/March 2019 issue of Ballistic Magazine for his work on the DoubleStar Pathseeker blade.

Hakim Isler on We Like Shooting

You don’t hear much about people in today’s world being an actual ninja. Most people envision masks and throwing stars; that’s obviously not the case, which our good friends on the We Like Shooting podcast recently found out.

The WLS crew had Isler join them to talk about the art of being a ninja, his time on “Naked and Afraid,” and, of course, his work with Ballistic Magazine. Casual “Ballistic” name-drop at the 40:09 mark. Not a big deal.

Isler is a really interesting guy and the WLS crew brings out the best in him. Listen to the entire We Like Shooting episode above. For more from Hakim, please visit For more from We Like Shooting and the Firearms Radio Network, please visit

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