ZEV — a single, three-letter word that exemplifies high quality, cutting edge performance and sheer sexiness. One would have to be far removed from the gun realm to have never heard of ZEV Technologies.

In the off-chance that you might have been living under a rock and have never heard of ZEV, I’ll give you a little background.

Who Is ZEV?

ZEV Technologies is one of the premier Glock enhancement companies. Its known for its high-end aftermarket parts suited for the majority of Glock handguns.

ZEV designs its products to perform while offering stunning visual aesthetics that set the standard in the industry. The company’s purpose is not to redesign Glock pistols, but to utilize carefully designed products that enhance and harmonize with the already legendary Glock name.

With ZEV you can purchase high-end, aftermarket accessories or, if you prefer, a complete and fully finished pistol.

The ZEV Z19 Spartan Pistol

I recently attended the 2018 Athlon Outdoors Rendezvous in Montana. While there I had the pleasure of spending time with ZEV and utilized this amazing opportunity to run several of its guns.

One that called my name and seized my full attention was the ZEV Z19 Spartan Pistol. Although it sounds cliché and sometimes overused in descriptions of handguns, the Z19 is literally a hot and sexy gun.

My first thought was, “Can I touch it?” Immediately followed by, “I need to shoot this!”

The strikingly beautiful feature of the Z19 is no doubt the Spartan cut slide. ZEV designed the Spartan slide cut a few years ago as a special project. Customers fell in love and asked for the Spartan to become one of ZEV’s signature cuts. Giving the customers what they want, ZEV made this happen.

The Spartan is now one of the manufacturer’s most popular cuts. ZEV carefully designed the slide as a mix of the most requested features from its other slides.

Angled serrations at the front and rear offer plenty of grip and minimize the chance of becoming snagged or hung up on your holster. Small serrations found at the top of the slide serve to greatly reduce glare.

CNC machined RMR mounting position in front of the factory location of the rear sight has positioning posts that hold the RMR at a center zero point on the slide.

Co-witness sights are suggested for use with this cut configuration, such as the ZEV Co-witness sight set, which it includes with the Z19, but not installed.

Rounding out this highly customized look are window cuts located on the top edge of the slide, awarding your eyes a seductive glimpse of the stunning burnt bronze match grade barrel.

The ZEV Process

As previously mentioned, ZEV pistols are based off Glock’s platform. ZEV creates its handguns by utilizing its own manufactured upper, paired to a modified and stripped Glock frame, then fitted with ZEV parts.

ZEV machines its slides from 17-4 stainless steel and coats them with a DLC finish enabling high durability. Tolerances are held tight for increased consistency in barrel lockup and slide to frame fit, giving you increased accuracy.

ZEV slides are also lighter, which reduces recoil when cycling and enables a flatter shooting gun. This slide, in conjunction with a ZEV match grade stainless barrel, produces an accurate and reliable pistol.

The professionally textured lowers with an undercut trigger guard give shooters a better purchase on the gun with a comfortable grip. The curved face pro trigger provides a crisp, clean trigger pull with a positive and short reset.

An oversized magazine release gives shooters quicker access for manipulations without causing any adjustment to their grip.

Final Thoughts on the ZEV Z19 Spartan

Running the Z19 left me absolutely elated. The Z19 is a comfortable, smooth and flat shooting gun. The accuracy was phenomenal, and I was able to perform manipulations with ease.

The ZEV Z19 Spartan is the total package. Unequivocal quality, performance and reliability coupled with an unmatched sexiness is what the pistol brings to the table. If you haven’t had the pleasure of shooting one, I highly encourage you to try it so that you can experience the wonder of ZEV firsthand.

MSRP on the ZEV Z19 Spartan 3rd Gen is $1,644.

For more information, please visit

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