Gun muzzle up or gun muzzle down? It’s a fairly controversial debate when carrying at the range. It’s also an aspect of training that gets overlooked.

Wes Doss is the founder and president of Khyber Training. He is a firearms instructor with more than 30 years of military and law enforcement experience.

Doss also has his own opinions on muzzle up vs. muzzle down.

Gun Muzzle Positioning

“Both represent good control of the weapon,” Doss says. “The difference between the two is going to be six in one, half-a-dozen in the other.”

However, when examining the faults of both, Doss sides with muzzle down as his preferred option.

“Each one has its own shortcomings, its own plusses and its own minuses. I don’t teach muzzle up in my classes. I teach muzzle down,” Doss says. “… I’d rather see a round go in the deck than see a round go up in the air or go into the second floor of a building.”

Watch the video for his entire rundown on muzzle positioning.

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