This past father’s day, after my wife gave me a cooler and I tossed it on the pile of coolers in my garage, she said, “Do you not like the cooler?” to which I replied: “I love it, honey.”

Post-Father’s Day Gun Guy Gift Guide

“Well then, why did you toss it in the garage?”

“Because that’s where I keep all 20 of my awesome coolers.”

Finally getting the hint she said, “I’m sorry I got you another cooler, but I didn’t know what else to give you. Afterall, you’ve got everything.”

While that’s not entirely true, I admit that perhaps it’s at least partially my fault for not giving her some good gift ideas. And I don’t believe I’m alone here. So rather than telling her, I made this video to share with my friends and family. Perhaps you will too.

The Gun Guy Gift Guide List

Another Glock 19

Even if a man owns 53 guns and 114 knives, another one––as long as it’s a quality gun or knife––is never a bad gift. A Glock 19 will always be a badass gift, even if it’s Glock 19 number 19. I know it may sound weird after the whole multiple cooler thing I mentioned above, but you must trust me on this.

Ammo, Ammo, & More Ammo

Ammo is rare right now, and so obtaining some is special. Indeed, it’s like ciggies to an inmate; it can be smoked, traded, sold or stashed to relieve any “I don’t have enough ammo!” stress. But don’t just buy a box if you find it. Buy him several.

Wicked Ridge Crossbow

A crossbow is a tool that can make anyone an effective hunter within minutes. And even if your guy friend doesn’t hunt, a crossbow is cool. I recommend a Wicked Ridge model, but there are more expensive ones––and cheaper ones––available.

Timney Glock Alpha Competition Trigger

If you know your hubs has a Glock but you don’t have the money for another Glock, buy him a drop––in trigger kit for his Glock. The truth is, Glocks are great, but the triggers are not. Timney’s $150 Glock Alpha Competition trigger will improve his Glock and you’ll be loved.

Swarovski Companion

Men like good binoculars like boys like stray pups. So if you’re not sure what to buy and have a decent budget, you can’t go wrong with a top-quality pair of European-made binos like Swarovki’s Companion. This incredible little 30mm unit is small enough to take to the ballgame yet effective enough to take elk hunting.  

Ballistic Plate

A bulletproof (ballistic) plate might seem like a strange gift, but reality is, most guys won’t ever actually wear a full bulletproof vest. With a single plate, a guy can buy a plate carrier/vest if he wants it, but as is, a single plate can be placed in a backpack for a more practical bulletproof apparatus if shit goes down at Disney World.

Trail Cam

Cellular-based trail cameras are not only great for hunters, but they can serve as remote security systems that can protect your campsite, automobile, belongings or anything else while you’re gone. Believe me, your man will like knowing his other stuff is secure.

Mossberg Shockwave 590M

Mossberg made waves a few years back when it introduced its 590 Shockwave gun that holds six rounds of 12 gauge. The beauty is, it’s short enough that it can be stashed away in a duffel or a boat hold. Now Mossberg offers the Shockwave in a 590M model that features a detachable 10-round magazine. If you show me a guy who doesn’t want this puppy, I’ll show you a guy who needs to have his ‘Merica checked.

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