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As you know, there are a lot of things on the Internet; some great, some terrifying, and everything in between. We spend a lot of time scouring the Internet for gun-related content. Today’s video comes from the deep recesses of YouTube … and it’s amazing. Ladies and gentlemen, for “Flashback Friday,” we present to you, the Gun Bed!

What Is the Gun Bed?

So how does this thing work? The Gun Bed is a hidden compartment for your headboard. The idea here is you’re woken by an intruder. You push into the headboard and a shotgun drops into your awaiting hands. Rack the gun and take out the bad guy. The product is made for shotguns or similar-sized firearms, as to not sweep your loved one when grabbing said firearm. So handguns are off limits.

This is nothing new. The commercial dropped in 2013. It honestly looks like something out of the “John Wick” universe or the new [and awful] “Death Wish” remake. As for sturdiness, it looks like it should hold. However, we wonder what might happen should any “extracurricular activities” get extra rowdy and someone pushes into the headboard with some extra force.

As for the commercial, the cheesiness helped us fall in love. The narration is peak ’90s informercial. And there are also a lot of great lines in this. However, there are none better than, “The Gun Bed is quite possibly the biggest breakthrough in home defense since the invention of the firearm.”

We’re not huge fans of the guy pointing the shotgun directly at the camera around the 0:40 mark and the 1:25 mark, but we understand the need for dramatic effect. Then there’s the MSRP. which is a bit more than you might expect. Prices start around $1,095 and go up to $2,038 for the special edition “Log Style” Gun Bed. Hope we made your Friday even more enjoyable with this beauty of a commercial.

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