Action hero, adventure hero, superhero – the commonality is the word hero, and we all fantasize about being one. A sexy, fearless and indestructible badass that saves the world and never dies. Shooting fully automatic weapons while hanging out of a helicopter, rescuing people from a crime syndicate, a death-defying high-speed chase in a car that costs more than your home – impossible fantasies, right? Wrong! It is all possible with the Greystone Experience. Greystone turns fantasy into reality, making you the fearless, badass hero of your dreams. The “sexy,” however, remains up to you.

The Greystone Experience

Greystone is selling a reality experience, a sort of choose your own adventure. This is not training to become a skilled expert in any field – this is literally an adrenaline pumping, real-life opportunity to live out anything you have ever imagined doing but never thought you could. Greystone offers several package experiences you can choose from, or you can design your own. 

“Devised by the film industry’s premier action coordinators, a team of elite military operators, and the best stuntmen alive, Greystone creates the most realistic live action experiences ever imagined.”, states

The hardcore grit of each experience is beautifully countered by Greystone offering fully customizable 5-star accommodations. Greystone has a dedicated event planning team to cater to your requests. Transportation, lodging and catering are tailored to your specific desires and needs. From arranging private air travel, facilitating backyard concerts, or a private fireworks display, nothing is beyond their reach.

Recently, five influential women of social media, namely Instagram, spent 24 hours at Greystone to live out their very own badass adventure, turning fantasy into reality.

Alex Zedra

“Greystone is like an EPIC amusement park of badass-ness for adults. Shoot, they even put an event on for kids!!! Every experience led up to an even bigger one and at the end of the day I learned so much about myself. It motivated me in many different ways. I would definitely love to visit them again! It’s so worth it!”

Rachel Bee

“Talk about an adventure of a lifetime! There’s no experience out there quite as unique as Greystone. They will stretch your imagination, push your limits, and just when you think it can’t get any better, Greystone takes it to the next level!”

India Paulino

“My 24 hours at Greystone was a powerful experience. It’s amazing how one event can bring up so many beautiful emotions that are all so different and wonderful at the same time. I had the best day! I left with a huge smile on my face and more motivated than ever to accomplish my goals. The Greystone experience will impact people in different was, but in the way each individual person needs it the most – and that to me is fascinating!”


“There is nothing like Greystone. To say it is life changing would be an understatement. Every part of the incredibly unique Greystone experience will truly blow your mind and push the limits on what you ever thought to be possible. Their team of professionals is second to none. The reality they customize and create for you is something that cannot be easily defined in words, but rather something you need to experience for yourself. You won’t regret it!”


“Greystone is an immersion into a mixed realm of what can be best described as a Special Ops military experience and an action-packed Hollywood thriller combined into one. Greystone offers an adrenaline-fueled experience to the public that most civilians would never get the chance to do in a thousand lifetimes. It is incredibly insane, but in the best way possible.”

To see the real-life adventure of these five badass women, check out the videos. Greystone offers private and group packages and hosts corporate events. If you have the money, time, and willingness to live out your ultimate fantasy – Greystone will make it happen … and then some. To learn more about Greystone please visit their website at, also on Instagram at @greystone.hq.

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