Future Forged Grip AR-15

Many shooters who have grown up using traditional bolt-action rifles might find the standard A2-style grip on an AR-15 uncomfortable. Such was the case for Patrick Albor, owner and operator of Future Forged Ltd. Albor founded Future Forged to create custom-designed and custom-fit grips for the AR-15 platform and any other firearm that can accept a standard AR-type grip.

In 2018, Joseph Rhinier of Gettysburg, Pa., and Mike and Marie-Ann Scala of Geneva, N.Y., joined the company. Together, they used their backgrounds in law enforcement, competitive shooting and the military to build a far more comfortable grip for America’s favorite platform. Their idea of “new materials, used in new ways to make new things” is evident in the creation of the custom carbon-fiber-reinforced polymer products designed to increase comfort and, therefore, accuracy with the added benefit of weight reduction.

The Builds at Future Forged

The company designed its newest product, the Vector X, with a fine-textured backstrap. The entire product is customizable to your precise hand dimensions; this allows for perfect trigger finger placement, naturally improving your ability to shoot more accurately. The fully skeletonized design with lightening cuts brings the total weight down to just a tad over 1 ounce; this makes them the lightest grips on the market. 

Aside from shooting hand grips, shooters also know Future Forged for its Halex foregrip. The company designed the Halex to accommodate nearly every type of support hand placement popular today. The entire gripping surface of the Halex is clad with a fine texture that will interface with fingerprints or even most glove materials to ensure positive control, even with wet hands.

Future Forged Halex Foregrip
The Future Forged Halex Foregrip

Since it also contains a built-in hand stop, this is an ideal accessory for AR pistols as well. Even with the included M-LOK or KeyMod hardware, it still weighs less than 1 ounce. Overall, this makes the changes to your firearm’s geometry essentially negligible.

While today’s focus for Future Forged is to offer custom-sized and custom-designed grips for the AR-15 and AK-47, there are many other related products in the works for handguns and long-range rifles. For even more info, please visit futureforged.com.

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